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Product description

Twilight is a dense dimout curtain designed by Patricia Urquiola, which offers excellent drapeability and light protection. Constructed with black yarns between the front and back sides, it lets very little light through.

The fabric is piece-dyed. Due to its blend of different polyester yarns, the dye is absorbed in an irregular way, giving Twilight a natural look. This is enhanced by its roughly structured, woven front surface.

Twilight’s back side is in the same colour as its front but has a different yet complimentary feel. It is smooth and lustrous, adding to the elegance of the curtain.

The colour palette for Twilight is understated and flexible. It comes in 10 colours ranging from subtle colours to neutrals.

Due to its durability and flexible colourways, Twilight is suitable for a wide variety of contract usages. It is particularly well-suited to hospitality spaces, such as hotel rooms.

Total weight 108 g/m²
Cleaning chlorine bleach not possible
Flame resistance flame retardant
Fabric width to 300 cm
Width of fabric reel approx.
Material polyester

Kvadrat, Denmark

Patricia Urquiola

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