10 Highlights Light + Building Autumn Edition

This autumn, Messe Frankfurt is shining all the brighter: the compact special Light + Building Autumn Edition of the world's leading trade fair for lighting and building technology is bringing the industry together again after the pandemic-related break. We show you ten highlights out of the halls.

On show at Light + Building Autumn Edition are intelligent and networked solutions, forward-looking technologies and current design trends - such as flexibly adjustable luminaires made of sustainable materials or customisable systems. 1500 exhibitors from 46 countries are represented, no comparison with the over 2700 exhibitors from 2018, but that is not the aim of the special edition. It offers a platform that allows time for efficient discussions and networking. It shows exciting insights into sustainable processes, fresh product studies by international creatives and depicts forward-looking technological developments that are urgently needed in view of the current energy crisis. In parallel, the digital extension of Light + Building Autumn Edition can be used beyond the duration of the fair until 14 October 2022 to view the manufacturers' product presentations and use intelligent matchmaking for business contacts. We show you ten highlights of the hybrid special edition:


The "Ayno" family of adjustable luminaires by Stefan Diez for Midgard has just been nominated for the German Ecodesign Award and won the German Sustainability Award for Design last year. New additions are "Ayno Wand L" and "Ayno Wand XL". Concentrating on the essentials, "Ayno" offers a fibreglass rod in each version, which is tensioned to form an arc by the cable of the respective luminaire. The inherent tension makes it possible to dispense with joints, because by moving the two adjustment rings at the base and head, the fibreglass rod is simply bent into the desired position and the radius of the light is directed. Thanks to the swivelling lampshade, this can also be finely adjusted. For the finish, there is a choice between black and silk grey as well as two textile cable colours. Midgard's stand is also exemplary in terms of sustainability: royal blue paper was folded into a concertina shape for the pedestals, which effortlessly supports the luminaires and sets them off perfectly.

Hall 3.1, C42

Martinelli Luce

Martinelli Luce welcomes its visitors with a lovingly designed garden where, among other things, the small version of the "Minifrog" outdoor lamp by Emiliana Martinelli can be discovered. In addition, the Italian luminaire manufacturer celebrates the 100th anniversary of its founder with a limited special edition of the "Cobra", developed by the architect and designer Emiliana Martinelli, who runs the company in the second generation. The edition comprises 100 pieces, each with a signature by Elio Martinelli. Among the new products presented at the rest of the stand are the "Gru" floor lamp by Davide Frattini Frilli, the "Metrica" collection of table, floor and wall lamps by Habits and the "Avro" pendant lamp by Studio Natural. The latter is also equipped with a practical socket in the middle of the luminaire to which electronic devices can be connected. All three examples are designed with clever, flexible details for interaction with the users. Karim Rashid has also come up with a small colour explosion of cyan, yellow, magenta and black for the version of "Cyborg" as a table lamp.

Hall 3.1, C91


A firework of innovations and further developments from the year 2022, provided with the resounding names of their creators - Artemide shines in its usual brilliance at the Light + Building Autumn Edition. The Hassell design studio also offers glare-free and uniform office lighting with the rounded "Ale 01" pendant luminaire. Each optical unit can be controlled according to individual needs for precise and uniform lighting with high perceptual quality on the work surface. "Ale 01" is also completely recyclable: the product's housing is made of a biocomposite material, i.e. it contains approximately 30 percent natural wood fibres that are combined with a base of biobased (PHB) or recycled polymers. The Artemide stand is also designed with sustainability in mind: architect and founder of the School of Sustainablity Mario Cucinella has reused materials for it that were already used in the luminaire manufacturer's presentation in Milan at the Salone del Mobile.

Hall 3.1, F51


The best acoustics in Hall 3.1 are offered by far by the Buzzispace stand: under the motto "Power of Acoustics and Colour", the handmade acoustic lighting solutions from the Belgian manufacturer of furniture, acoustics and lighting create a relaxed working atmosphere. All models can be customised with coloured felts and fabrics. Like BuzziShield Light, the first linear light of the manufacturer with integrated, dimmable LEDs that are fully integrated into the upholstery core. Or "BuzziChip", which brings a playful dynamic to the room with gentle curves made of upholstered foam. Moreover new is the large-format acoustic panel "BuzziPleat", which can be mounted on ceilings and walls with sculptural shapes and thus serves as a decorative as well as functional element in the room. Also to be discovered is the product study "BuzziBurner", which is equipped with a red light and will be presented in detail in the coming months.

Hall 3.1, B58 presents, among others, the "SLICE² PI Ceiling" luminaire, a universal lighting solution for all requirements of modern architecture in terms of light output and illumination. The glare-free light is fed in laterally via the glass edge and distributed downwards by a microprismatic pane – optionally with additional indirect light for ceiling illumination. The completely enclosed housing, the real glass pane and the robust aluminium ring are of durable quality. Thanks to the bayonet lock, which establishes both mechanical and electrical contact, installation is simple and even large projects can be realised with "SLICE² PI Ceiling" with ease. Likewise, visitors finally have the opportunity to take a look at the "Slice²" floor luminaires by Jean-Marc da Costa, which offer glare-free light with a high light output thanks to a specially developed reflector technology for workplaces. The vertical standpipe of "Slice Furniture" can be integrated directly into the tabletop with a built-in adapter. In addition, the iconic classic "Zoom XL", whose structure, conceived by Floyd Paxton, can be closed into a circle like a flexible scissor grid, has been fitted with black slats that emphasise the graphic character of the pendant luminaire.

Hall 3, B90

"SLICE² PI Ceiling" by


Smart buildings that can be operated in a resource-saving way – with "Building X", Siemens offers the possibility of effectively using intelligent building data. The real-time data of an individual portfolio are summarised in an overview so that, among other things, the energy consumption, emission data, water consumption or the use of the building can be compared. Subsequently, the further course can be forecast and optimised. AI-based analyses, forecasts and individual notifications in "Building X" indicate that measures need to be taken to avoid budget overruns. In addition, multiple sites can be controlled securely and in real time at any time and from any location. "We believe that the solution to the industry's challenges lies in breaking down data silos," says Siemens. Instead, these will be made available to all stakeholders on one user interface that encompasses all areas of building operation and management, replacing numerous isolated solutions in a simple and productive way.

Hall 11.0, B56


With "Jung Home", Jung has developed a simple and comparatively inexpensive system to make new and existing buildings efficient and smart - based on a conventional 230-volt infrastructure. Buildings are thus "smartified" by Jung, without servers or the Internet. Instead, from the power socket with energy measurement function to the room thermostat, all components communicate with each other via the worldwide Bluetooth Mesh radio standard; bus lines, as with systems based on KNX, are not necessary. "Jung Home" is therefore uncomplicated to install and convenient to operate. And it also shows that Smart Home and classic electrical solutions are not mutually exclusive. With selectable scenarios such as "Save heating costs" or "Switch off stand-by devices", it actively contributes to reducing the consumption of energy and resources. The installation can be expanded as needed – from the individual socket to the complete building. The wireless push-buttons with battery operation are also practical if there is no device socket for power supply at the desired operating point. In addition, Jung is showing, among other things, the new "Silverplus" switch surface, which has a neutralising effect on bacteria, fungi and viruses – including the corona virus. You should also not miss Jung's truck, including showroom and roof terrace, on the Agora 01 open-air site.

Hall 11.1, B56

"Jung Home"


The Hager, Berker and Elcom brands showing their new products for residential and functional buildings for the first time in the new exhibition hall 12. Hager will be dividing its exhibition stand into the subject areas of living, learning and working and will thus be presenting itself as a partner for every type of building - from energy-efficient power storage for residential buildings to intelligent infrastructure in offices and modern electrical installations in educational establishments. Among other things, the "witty share" charging solution for apartment buildings and businesses will be presented: the complete system allows the installation of up to 20 wallboxes on one. In addition, the design of the charging stations, which complies with calibration regulations, allows charging at any parking space with individual billing. At the same time, the "flow" energy management system can be explored, which optimises the storage, management and charging of and with self-generated energy for private households. Hager will also be showing a parapet trunking with a new volume: the BR85 parapet trunking has been equipped with an 80 mm cover track. It is used wherever the width is limited and yet many cables have to be accommodated.

Hall 12, 1st floor

"witty share"


In addition to numerous further developments of its product range, Gira is presenting a new smart home system for new buildings: "Gira One". It offers all the basic functions of a smart home that increase living comfort, improve security and help save energy. These include: Shading, lighting, temperature regulation and climate control, sound via Sonos, security functions such as presence simulation in the event of absence or remote access to video surveillance via the Gira Smart Home app, as well as door communication. Gira One is based on the certified KNX Smart Home standard and can be commissioned quickly and intuitively with the new, free Gira Project Assistant. With Gira One, the electrical trade no longer has to resort to the ETS programming software. Instead, customer projects can be prepared in their own office and easily transferred to the Gira One devices on the construction site. Gira One can be operated via normal buttons. Gira One" is completed by a range of components such as actuators, sensors, the new Gira One Server and the Gira Smart Home App for mobile devices.

Hall 11.1, B56

"Gira One"


Smart applications can be tested in living areas at the E-Haus of the Central Association of German Electrical and Information Technology Trades ZVEH: A special focus this year is on the topics of "energy management" and "sector coupling" as well as "smart health". A cross-building energy management system linked with artificial intelligence, in which the photovoltaic system, charging station for the e-car and battery storage are integrated, shows, for example, how self-produced electricity can be efficiently stored and used. In this way, it can be controlled that electricity produced by the PV system is used as a priority for filling up the electric car or that the washing machine only starts its washing process when self-produced electricity is available. In the Smart Health Schau area, a floor can be explored with a sensor system that registers falls or prolonged immobility and then triggers an alarm. The E-Haus also offers intelligent access control, touch panels for building control or pictures that function as electricity distributors. At the same time, the E-House offers can also be experienced in a virtual 3D tour.

Hall 11.0, C07/D07