Stellar Nebula

Stellar Nebula

Stellar Nebula is a family of lamps designed by BIG to interpret and enhance artisanal glass blowing with innovative PVD finishing techniques.

Values, roles and limits of industrial and artisanal production are the core of this project idea, which aims to find a solution of industrial uniqueness.

The shapes of the hand blown diffusers are always unique. The suspension has three different sizes while the floor, table, ceiling and clusters are only in the medium one.

Artisanal know-how and industrial innovation thus come together in the beauty of the material that enhances the magic interaction between glass and light.

001 STELLAR NEBULA 16STELLAR NEBULA 13STELLAR NEBULA 12002 STELLAR NEBULA TABLEStellar nebula gallery4998985 1920x1080STELLAR NEBULA 09Stellar nebula gallery4994155 1920x1080Stellar nebula gallery4994154 1920x1080
Stellar nebula gallery4998984 1920x1080STELLAR NEBULA FLOOR 02002 STELLAR NEBULA 16STELLAR NEBULA 14Stellar nebula gallery4998982 1920x1080STELLAR NEBULA 001STELLAR NEBULA FLOOR 002003 STELLAR NEBULA TABLE


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