Funivia Outdoor

Presented: Salone del Mobile 2022, Milan | Year of design: 2022
Funivia Outdoor

Funivia is a functional network of tangible and intangible relations that is free and inclusive and can evolve through the cooperation of its elements. It starts out from the essential, with a “mountaineering” spirit, discovering a new level of freedom of light in spaces, now both indoor and outdoor.

A rope, the cable that supplies energy and the nails, the elements used to fix within space, form the basis to go far beyond the limits dictated by the rigidity of standard systems. The cable, with a special minimum section that can withstand mechanical tension and thermal stress, is the channel that distributes the system’s energy. From a single power supply, it can run infinitely with the only limit being the power installed on its length.

The light elements are connected to the cable via a “bridge” element, node of BLL signal intangible network through which all appliances can dialogue with Artemide App.

Funivia is inclusive, housing products that already exist; the cable connection module is a universal system that translates energy into a "Esperanto" of light.

Funivia Outdoor shows the potential of this open platform, hosting products already included in Artemide’s collections. It is a sign of the dialogue and shared values among the architects who design for Artemide, who embrace common principles expressed through different languages according to the skill of each individual designer.

Thanks to these properties Funivia has evolved into a system capable of accommodating our light needs in outdoor too. Its cable can build structures which run in outdoor spaces bringing professional light to places where it had previously been impossible.

Funivia otdoor 003Funivia O 01Funivia la linea 01Funivia obice pendantFunivia IFunivia otdoor 001Funivia obice pendant 01
Funivia obice spotFunivia O 02Funivia Indoor OutdoorFunivia la linea 02Funivia obice spot 01Funivia otdoor 002Funivia la linea 03
Funivia Outdoor


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