Conversion with a fine touch has in Lisbon completely redefined an apartment in the Terraços de Bragança.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 11/25/2017

If an apartment in Terraços de Bragança, an apartment block created by that grand master of Portuguese architecture Alvaro Siza Vieira, is to be changed, it calls for a fine touch. The architects of therefore limited themselves to removing parts of the wall between the living and dining rooms. Moreover, the door heights were standardized and the floor replaced – using bright and broad wooden boards. As an on-top, they designed linear fitted furniture and equipped the bathrooms with spacious marble areas. To emphasize the clarity of the rooms and also render them less stringent, they chose upholstered furniture for the interior boasting soft nude hues and gray as well as rounded shapes. The highlights are achieved using metallic living accessories, such as the Atollo Gold table lamp by Oluce.