Lighting hygiene

With "INTEGRALIS", Artemide has developed a lighting technology that combines hygiene with a high level of visual comfort. It is now also used in the "Tolomeo" desk lamp.

Light has a great impact on the well-being of people: It influences the biorhythm and thus health. The fact that light can also have a preventive effect is demonstrated by the "INTEGRALIS" technology developed by Artemide, which acts against pathogenic microorganisms and thus disinfects illuminated surfaces. For this purpose, the company collaborated with research institutes at the University of Padua and the University of Insubria to gather knowledge about the effects of light and to develop a product that enables simple and safe room hygiene. Now Artemide has also equipped the desk lamp "Tolomeo" with "INTEGRALIS".

The violet light components from the short-wave range of the visible spectrum thereby inhibit the growth and spread of pathogenic microorganisms or even kill them. The process goes unnoticed by the human eye because "INTEGRALIS" has been developed to strike a balance between high light quality, optimum color rendering and effective disinfection. In the visible wavelength range, therefore, an intelligent light combination is used that enables the integration of violet light that is not visible to humans, with the precisely dosed light components preventing the spread of microorganisms. At the same time, the containment and killing of pathogenic microorganisms are harmless to humans, pets and plants. "Tolomeo INTEGRALIS" thereby provides the same quality of light as Tolomeo luminaires with conventional LEDs. This creates an optimal lighting quality, which also meets the requirements for lighting suitable for the workplace.

The areas of application for "Tolomeo INTEGRALIS" are diverse and range from the classic office, home office and coworking spaces to hotels, medical practices or clinics. In addition, "INTEGRALIS" combines four independent lighting solutions that can be integrated into many other luminaires and lighting systems in the Artemide portfolio, such as the "Ilio", "Mimesi", "Pipe", "Athena", "Nur", "Nur Acoustic", "A.39", "Tagora", "Sharp", "Vector" or "Discovery" models. Which specific lighting solutions are then finally used depends on both the spatial and functional conditions, the necessary disinfection intensity and the presence of the respective persons. Artemide has thus developed a versatile lighting technology that combines hygiene, successful design and a high level of visual comfort, adapts to individual needs and is now also available for the "Tolomeo" desk lamp.