Michele De Lucchi

Mail from the Maestro

The renowned architect and designer Michele De Lucchi currently provides exclusive insights into his work and thoughts once a week via a newsletter.

"I'm writing about architecture, human interaction and memory. Working since 1976, discovering daily. I write in Italian and then translate to English," says Michele De Lucchi. Under the title "Reflections of an Architect", he currently publishes ideas, sketches, photos, models and memories in the form of a newsletter to share with interested people from all over the world. For exchange, reflection and information, about social developments, environmentally conscious approaches and the visionary architectures he develops together with his studio AMDL Circle. The "Earth Stations" show what architects could contribute to the world of tomorrow – the development of active, sustainable architectures that create new atmospheres for people in connection with nature. Places that promote shared economies, support communication and make the most of the potential of technology. Individual issues of the newsletter are free of charge, to receive all issues and support the project "Earth Stations - Future Sharing Architectures", there is the option to subscribe for 12 euros per month. (am)

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