Logico Sospensione Mini

Year of design: 2002 | Design: Michele De Lucchi, Gerhard Reichert
Logico Sospensione Mini

Logico is originated from the idea of organising a system starting from the light diffusion: the sophisticated blown glass diffuser is used in different versions and its modular shape lends itself to the creation of numerous light compositions. The blown glass diffuser with polished-silk finish, gives a materic aspect when the lamp is on or when it is off. A unique combination of glass finishing methods provides a polished- silk finish. The lower edge of the diffuser is cut with a diamond-edged blade. The design, complex and modular, allows creating numerous compositions of lights and forms. Logico sospensione micro is assembled with numerous elements on project request. Painted metal structure. Direct and diffused light emission.
Colour: white and aluminium grey.

Logico Sospensione Mini
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