A room in the floor

The Dutch designer Juul de Bruijn puts the storage space at her feet with "More Floor".

What would it be like if everything that is only temporarily used in the home could be quickly and easily stored in the floor? Bed, books or sports equipment disappear with a single movement of the hand – close the lid and the free space is ready. With "MoreFloor", Dutch designer Juul de Bruijn has developed a prototype that uses 30-centimetre-high wooden boxes for storage: Placed side by side and individually adapted, they add an extra square metre. The modular system can thus be installed in an existing room without reducing the floor space. At the same time, the micro-living solution solves fixed definitions of room division: what is below the surfaces can be individually selected. From the subdivision for the storage of smaller objects to the complete bed unit, the practical area can be efficiently designed as required. (am)