“Cloud Bed”

The smaller the space, the more valuable the room

How Ori intends its movable multi-purpose furniture to create storage and usable space in microliving scenarios.
by Markus Hieke | 7/9/2019

Those who do not have a great deal of space at home do well to configure what is available as flexibly as possible. When every centimeter counts, the marvelous smart storage space furniture by US corporation Ori is a persuasive solution. Several experiments have already been conducted on similar concepts: sliding cabinets, folding walls, a retractable kitchen. In 2017, the “Ori Pocket Closet” featuring a motor drive was the first standard movable furniture system and was specifically geared to the requirements of small apartments. It is made up of two cabinets, one of which has a castor base to enable it to be pulled out into the room to expand. If you separate the parts of the cabinet from each other, a walk-in area on the inside opens up with lots of storage space for clothes and belongings. The outer side of the mobile section features shelves and a small fold-out desk. The cabinet moves along a rail on the skirting board. The manufacturer talks about robotic engineering, because at the mere touch of a button on a small control panel the sleeping, living, or working area can be extended as required.

The concept was developed in collaboration with industrial designer Yves Béhar (Fuseproject). “Many people living in urban environments no longer have the luxury of space, or they choose to live in a smaller footprint. What Ori does is to maximize the functionality of a space; thanks to the robotic technology, the company creates a beautiful and transformative living and working environment that is unlike anything the world has seen.” Studies conducted by the MIT Media Lab, which explores the use of technology in meeting the challenges posed by urbanization, served as the basis of the product development.

Touch panel
“Pocket Closet”

“Ori’s systems make the effortless and magical transformation of interior spaces possible, providing the totally new experience of having our interior space intelligently conform to our activities, rather than our activities being forced to conform to our interior space.” The advanced version of the basic model reveals the potential the idea has: In addition to real estate developers, “Ori Studio Suite” is for the first time geared to end consumers. The range now features shelves, cabinets, a media console, a desk, and a fully-fledged double bed. Thanks to its compatibility with Alexa and Google Home, in terms of technology it really is state of the art. Furthermore, there is a choice between the “Original” version with a white oak or gray walnut finish and the slenderer “Slim” in white oak, oak, or walnut.

“Studio Suite”
“Cloud Bed”

Two other projects are also due to be rolled out: The “Ori Cloud Bed" is a combined double bed, which when the bed is not in use is raised elegantly to beneath the ceiling. On the rear wall of the wooden panel-clad system a comfortable sofa and a coffee table then appear. The product should be available before the end of the year. Moreover, in June Ori announced it had signed a cooperation deal with Ikea. A piece of furniture by the name of “Rognan” in Ikea’s typically minimalist style and boasting a sofa, cabinet, shelves, and a bed is to be launched, although not until 2020 and initially only in Hong Kong and Japan, markets with promising sales prospects.

With its concept Ori succeeds in changing the fabric of micro-spaces without any architectural intervention. With it the company is literally getting things moving – and at the right point in time if one considers the continuing boom in urbanization and the increasing number of free lifestyles that involves.

Ikea “Rognan”
Ikea “Rognan”