fabita: "Ordine", Adriano Design

Darling, I've shrunk the kitchen

Living on less than 30 square metres generally means that there is little space left for the household. Miniature electrical devices ensure that comfort is not missed out.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 6/17/2019

If the kitchen does not have its own room, but only snuggles up to one of the four walls as a line, electronic helpers with normal dimensions often take up too much space. Ergo: Small stoves, dishwashers and the like are needed, which ideally can also be moved flexibly in the room. The designer Sascha dos Santos shows in a study with "live, cook & chill" how this could look like in the future: four functions in one product, from the refrigerator to the steam cooker to the worktop and shelf, are accommodated in one trolley. Small-format kitchen solutions, which remain discreetly in the background while offering full functionality, are also being developed by Sanwa, among others - such as "QB 01" by Milan-based Bestetti Associati. The kitchen block on wheels consists mainly of paperstone, a robust combination of recycled paper and petroleum-free resin. "QB 01" can therefore also be used as an easy-to-clean outdoor kitchen. The fold-out surfaces conceal a sink, an induction field, a refrigerator and a metal bar to hold containers. CH 01" by Christian Haas and Karimoku New Standard for Sanwa is extremely homely: Made of Japanese nanowood, at first glance only the sink reveals the true function of the sideboard. In addition to induction hobs and a small work surface, the model also has plenty of storage space, which can be extended by matching wall shelves. "Cucinotta" by Adriano Design for fabita, which combines an induction plate with a refrigerator and an extractor hood, requires even less space. With "Ordine", fabita offers aesthetics and maximum reduction: the round induction plates can be hung on the wall with a magnet.

The miniature dishwasher "Tetra" by frogdesign for Heatworks is available for the subsequent washing of the dishes: its transparent housing holds, for example, the dishes of a meal for two people, i.e. two plates, bowls, glasses and cutlery. The required water is filled directly into the device, the waste water can be drained just as easily. For deep cleaning, the body can be completely dismantled into its individual parts. The hot water for the tea is heated without waiting time in the battery-operated "Duo Carafe" of the manufacturer directly while pouring. And when it comes to supplying hot water for the entire home, Heatworks offers the "Model 3", an electric water heater that uses graphite electrodes instead of conventional metal heating elements. These protect the interior from calcification and corrosion. With dimensions of approx. 28 x 34 x 25 centimetres, the unit is one of the smallest tank-less electric water conditioners. It can be controlled via an app.

Project "live, cook & chill", Sascha dos Santos
Sanwa: Mini-kitchen "QB 01", Bestetti Associati
Heatworks: Dishwasher "Tetra"