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When it comes to working from home USM offers more than just furniture - a new web special provides information and useful advices.
by Fabian Peters | 4/22/2020

Even though mobile working and working from home have long been a topic of intense discussion it is only with the emergence of the Covid 19 crisis that many corporations and employees have put it firmly on their agenda. The pressure exerted by recent events has triggered a veritable surge in modernization, and in many cases the digital infrastructure needed for working from home was either installed very quickly or existing equipment was modernized and put to everyday use. It does not take a crystal ball to realize that after the pandemic is finally over working from home will remain with us as a work model. The advantages have been known for some time. In many firms it was habit or fear that prevented it being introduced earlier – reasons that the crisis has simply swept aside.

Swiss furniture makerUSMhas decided to tackle the current situation in several respects. In practical terms it offers a selection of ‘bundles’: combinations of products that allow an attractive and fully operational home office to be installed quickly – say with a "Kitos M" desk and a sideboard from the USM furniture system Haller. The modular system is a good option for working from home for a number of reasons. Given its modular character it can be expanded as required and adapted to altered spatial situations. Should a new workplace require new furnishing or even a move – there are virtually no limits to the versatility of the modular furniture system Haller. Moreover, particularly when space is restricted and the workplace is in a living area its aesthetic quality also plays a key role. No problem for the classic-looking USM products, which have long since won over customers in areas where design plays a central role – not only in private homes but also in the upmarket hospitality sector. And should working from home cease to be desirable or necessary for the one or other customer then the USM modular system Haller can easily assume other tasks in the home – functioning say as a bookcase or a toy cabinet for the kids.

At USM they are also looking beyond the current situation: in a Web special, the company highlights the advantages and disadvantages of working from home because it seems highly likely that working from home will also assume a much greater role as a work model after the COVID-19 crisis has been and gone. Which is why the company elaborates benefits and challenges and highlights the requirements for working productively from home. One important tip in advance: Anyone who would like to continue working from home after the Coronavirus crisis should ensure their workplace is far enough away from distractions like food.

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