Vario Halogen spotlight

Vario Halogen spotlight
Product description

From the car park sign or the effective path lighting system to access control: The versatility inherent in the Siedle Vario system allows a cohesive design concept to be used throughout the entrance and reception area.

The spotlight places the emphasis firmly on what matters. Use it to light up your house number or the keypad of a code lock. Ideally, it can be used in connection with a movement sensor module or photoelectric light controller, which switches the lighting on as and when required.

As one of the functional modules of the Vario modular system, the spotlight can be freely positioned. Its powerful directed beam is ideal
for functions such as illuminating house numbers, code locks or key-symbol switches.

polycarbonate (PC)
Colorsshades of grey
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Siedle, Germany

Eberhard Meurer

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