Vario Letterbox free standing

Vario Letterbox free standing
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Product description

Siedle letterboxes are part and parcel of the system concept like all the other Vario modules.
They can be combined almost at will with all the function modules and adjust ideally to any individual design concept or architectural requirement. They can be made to disappear into the wall or stand proud in front of it for a truly outstanding impression. And despite all its scope for transformation, it always creates a formal unit with any module combination. Each Siedle letterbox is a perfect example of functionality and noncompromise quality in its own right. Instead of low grade sheet steel, the housings are manufactured completely in aluminium. And for a more detailed look at what happens when the Siedle engineers re-invent the letterbox, just turn to pages 16 and 17 - or better still, come and see one for yourself. Pull up the flap. Open up the back. And form your own opinion. Design, function and quality - these are the common denominators for all Vario letterboxes. Whether the letterbox for front removal is the right one for you depends on your requirements and your habits, on the building layout or technical circumstances. The same applies when choosing a surface or flush-mount version. For larger properties, space-saving letterboxes are particularly suitable. This allows different occupants to receive their post within a minimum of space. Common to all the different letterboxes is compliance with postal standard DIN EN 13724, a durable aluminium construction and optimum resistance to attempted unauthorized opening and also adverse weather conditions.

Free standing letterbox systems are ideally placed wherever it makes sense not to interrupt the design of the building facade. The walls and doors remain clear. An important factor where ecological building techniques are used: The skin of the building remains intact, thermal bridges are avoided.
The communication pedestal places the letterbox and any other functional elements used conveniently at just the right ergonomic height. The double-sided
pedestal (left) can be equipped with modules on both sides, creating all-round lights or interesting solutions for terraced or semi-detached homes.
The capacity provided by this triple-height space-saving letterbox with removal from the back is ideal for busy offices or public authorities. With its inscribed ambient light, the letterbox system doubles up as a sign-post.

Materialpolycarbonate (PC)
Colorsshades of grey
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Siedle, Germany

Eberhard Meurer

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