Vario Intercom system surface mounted

Vario Intercom system surface mounted
Product description

A cautious change creates a great impression: with new housings, the surface-mounted version of Siedle Vario produces a compact, modern and contemporary effect. An optical upgrade with practical advantages – after all, the surface mounting is in keeping with energy-efficient construction. No wall recessing is needed and the insulation remains undamaged. This for example makes surface-mounted systems attractive for low-energy and passive houses but also for the growing market of refurbishment and modernization. Many builders hesitate when confronted with extensive bricklaying and recessing work. Invalidating such reservations will not only increase proficiency – but also bring more business.In addition to the standard colours of white and silver metallic, Siedle Vario will in future be available in four additional designs: two micaceous paint finishes in amber and dark grey together with two gloss paint finishes in black and white give the classic design an even more elegant and modern appearance. The new colours indicate Siedle’s involvement in the current trends of architecture and furnishing. High-gloss paint finishes are increasingly being used in furniture construction; the very tough micaceous paints with their textured finish are used on construction elements such as window frames, façades and gate installations. The firm in Furtwangen is also prepared for special requirements: individual paint finishes in specific colours continue to feature in the range.

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