S 64 VDR

Presented: imm cologne 2019, Cologne | Year of design: 1928, 2019 | Design: Marcel Breuer, Christophe Marchand
S 64 VDR

The working world is changing – home offices and studio offices are places where mobility, flexibility, and communication play a decisive role, places where furniture classics that comply with modern lifestyles also have a place. For this purpose, Thonet makes an icon of classic furniture design mobile – designed around 1928 and valid to this day in its formal language: the chair S 64 by Marcel Breuer. At imm cologne 2019, Thonet presents this famous cantilever chair as a swivel chair with a central leg and castors. As S 64 Atelier, this classic with a new function can be used in home offices as well as in working and communication zones of modern offices. The S 64 Atelier continues a concept of Breuer; in the historic Thonet tubular steel catalogue from 1935, other tubular steel chairs with a swivel frame that combined the design of a cantilever chair with the function of a swivel chair are attributed to him, among others.

Available with five-star aluminium base on castors, chrome-plated or powder-coated, or with four-star base on gliders. Wooden parts in stained beech, stretched with wicker cane and transparent, stable supporting plastic mesh, or with netting; alternatively also available as an upholstered version covered with leather or fabric.

Thonet S 64 PvdrThonet S5000 S411 S64 VdrThonet S 64 Vdr Atelier Beauty SchwarzThonet  S 64 Pvdr  Fs0 1Thonet S 64 Pvdr Rohrkreuz Fs0 2Thonet S 64 Vdr 1500Thonet S 64 Vdr S 285
Thonet S 64 VDR ID 05 1008 10593 1500 ID 05 1008 10591Thonet 1500 ID 05 1008 10591 S64 NDR ID05 1008 10593Thonet S 64 SPVNDR ID 05 1008 10593Thonet S 64 NdrThonet S 64 Vdr Rohrkreuz Fs0 3Cm 1707 40542Thonet S64 NDR ID 05 1008 10593
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