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Tizio Terra

Design: Richard Sapper


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Tizio Terra

01 product description

Product description

Floor lamp.
Adjustable counterbalanced arms and head in painted aluminium. The innovation of Tizio is its construction: a 230/240V or 12V transformer in the lamp base powers a halogen lamp through rods and buttons.
Besides having a structural function, they carry electrical current without electric cables.
Direct adjustable light emission.
Painted aluminium floor supports for Tizio, Tizio 35, Tizio Plus fittings.
Colours: black or white (only for Tizio).

02 dimensions/weight

overall dimension  
700 mm
100 mm, 110 mm

03 technical data

recommended Illuminant, means of lighting  
GY6.35, G4
Bulb type
low voltage halogen lamp
Tizio, Tizio Plus: 1 x QT 12 max 50W
Tizio: 1 x QT 12 max 35W
Tizio Micro: 1 x QT 9 max 20W

04 security/protection

Form of protection (DIN 40050)
IP20 protection against: solids > 12 mm
Safety class
class II (protective isolation)
Inspection seal /certification

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