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It takes responsibility to be a design company.

A lot of issues must be taken into consideration before entering a new development or product: design philosophy, environment, materials and innovation. To GUBI innovation is the key word. To us it is important, that a new product is not just a part of a series along the product line, but each time a wish to make something different. We want to stay curious, to go new ways, experiment with new materials or shapes, but most of all make a design that has a purpose, is functional and thereby fulfils our design philosophy.
This is how GUBI started almost 40 years ago. The founders Lisbeth and Gubi Olsen borrowed money from Lisbeth's mother in order to buy cookie tins and paint them in various colours and finally sell them. The project was a success. The debt could be paid back and there were funds enough to go into a new project. It was not furniture from the beginning, however design and innovation played the main part.

The Cookie tins were replaced by bags later came fabrics and plaids. Eventually the path led to furniture design mainly for domestic use, but later the trail also included the contract market.

GUBI has stayed on this path ever since. We want to make a difference. Be true to our values and supply our customers and partners with useful and interesting design.

The company is still family-owned. We work with well-known international and Danish designers and from being a small Danish company GUBI has grown and is now known worldwide.

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