Time 300

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Time was originally produced by Erik Ole Jørgensen, who made his mark on Kvadrat’s upholstery and curtain textile collections for more than 25 years, hand in hand with his career as a furniture designer. Time has been one of Kvadrat’s best-selling curtains ever since its launch in 1987. Perhaps the word timeless would be more appropriate, because this self-coloured curtain has a classic air about it; this is borne out by its constant popularity. Time was Kvadrat’s first opportunity to present a matt version of Trevira, similar to natural fibre, but with all the advantages of synthetic fibre. Erik Ole Jørgensen himself made the following comment about the curtain: “My intention was to create a series of textiles that drape in a tranquil way, while also giving fresh impressions of colour.” When Kvadrat decided to update the colour composition of Time, we looked for a worthy heir who would be able to contribute something new and yet remain true to the original, classic curtain. We chose Julie Henriksen and Mathilde Aggebo, who together comprise the Aggebo & Henriksen designer duo, already a part of Kvadrat’s designer team. Both trained at Danmarks Designskole, and this was where their partnership began. The new colours of Time are inspired by pebbles collected around the coastlines of Scandinavia. This has resulted in natural, pretty colours forming a collection of subdued shades, full of character. These are perfect for inclusion in absolutely any interior setting. From a distance, the curtains appear to be self-coloured, but when you inspect them at close quarters, you realise they are in fact two-toned. This is because the curtain is yarn dyed and two different shades were employed in the weaving process, one in the weft and the other in the warp. Time 300 is launched in a width of 300 cm. Time 150 makes five of the colours available in 150 cm widths.

Breite 3000 mm
Material Spezialfaser (Trevira CS)
Farben Grüntöne


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