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Presented:Orgatec 2012, Cologne
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Product description

As a complement to the finasoft conference easy chair, Wolfgang C.R. Mezger has designed a new conference table series for Brunner: fina conference. This modular series can be individually configured, offering a great number of formats; one peculiarity are the large formats with a maximum length of up to 640 cm, providing enough room to seat 24 people around one table. fina conference comes across as completely harmonious in any dimension, as elegant and visually light. Part of this overall impression is due to the frames with their soft, rather rounded formal language – quite in line with finasoft. Since the goal was to design a solution fulfilling as many demands as possible, designer Wolfgang C.R. Mezger decided on a table system comprising a manageable number of individual elements, following a modular design principle. The table tops are available as a square, as a rectangle or optionally also in special formats – droplet or Wankel – with a choice of different surfaces. The frames offer just as much choice, comprising versions with one, two or four columns, with T-shaped or Y-shaped foot extensions, with or without braces. With this variety of options, the respective conference situation can be tailor-made while giving one coherent visual impression even in the most diverse configurations. This overall impression of coherence is heightened by the visually elegant, slightly bevelled table top edge with its slim height of only 10 mm when viewed horizontally. The cable management also answers an integrative design concept: Electrification is achieved nearly invisibly, with cables placed in horizontal and vertical cable ducts; closure flaps and cable outlets being integrated into the system in the same unobtrusive manner, flush with the other surfaces. ”It’s a highly complex yet uncomplicated table series“, states the designer about his creation.

Table finishtable with column base
Table top shaperectangle with rounded corners
Colorsshades of beige
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Brunner, Germany

Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

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