Floater desk

Year of design: 2020 | Design: Pauline Deltour
Floater desk

With the Floater sofa and easy chair range, designer Pauline Deltour has developed the first worklounge concept for COR. The design comes with a system: Solid wood frames are combined with an upholstered outer shell, seat and back cushions, as well as boxes, shelves or racks. Currently, the range of individual configuration options has been expanded to cover all functional areas relevant to open spaces. The new desk is already convincing as a soloist, and in spatial arrangements it acts as a team player in conjunction with a new extension panel. Lounge modules with sofas or easy chairs (communication zones) can now all combined with desk areas (work zones) throughout. The basic configurations of this concept solution have an S or U shape. Similar to a construction kit, different panels function as links, connecting several modules to each other. In addition to the individual furnishing of the interior areas with table tops or stools, the exterior areas can also be equipped with various functions. Tables, flat screens or coat hooks can be added on with ease, with extra stools creating temporary seating for presentations or discussions.

Versions: The standard height of the add-on panel is 90/120 cm, and further height increases up to 180 cm are available as standard. The upholstered outer shell of the desk is available in heights of 86/133 cm and can be fitted with veneered table tops, powder-coated MDF panels or HPL panels. Two electrical connections are provided, and work materials disappear in an optional swivel drawer. The higher model variant also includes a shelf and can be planned with indirect lighting.

COR Floater Tisch 2020 2COR Floater Tisch 2020 4COR Floater desk RGB 1COR Floater desk RGB 14COR Floater desk RGB 15COR Floater desk RGB 12COR Floater Tisch 2020 Detail 1
COR Floater desk RGB 16COR Floater Tisch 2020 5COR Floater Tisch 2020 3COR Floater desk RGB 17COR Floater desk RGB 13COR Floater desk RGB 18COR Floater Tisch 2020 Detail 2
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