Noto armchair

Year of design: 2022 | Design: Pauline Deltour
Noto armchair

Noto chair and easy chair – the maximum resides in the minimum

Reduced and elegant at the same time – this is how the French designer Pauline Deltour, who passed away unexpectedly last year, saw the side-panel chair and easy chair Noto, which she developed for COR in 2021. With its narrow, delicately upholstered sides, Noto exudes tranquillity at the table and in the room. In the ensemble, they appear like a finely drawn line, which is particularly emphasised by the protruding backrest.

The disc-like upholstered surfaces appear spartan, but due to the elaborate under-springing of the seat and the elastic back, they offer optimal seating comfort. All details are reduced to the minimum. Even the castors concealed in the front of the side panels, which provide flexibility and mobility, are barely visible. The principle of the four conjoined rectangular upholstered areas receives its lightness from the slit between the curved backrest and the seat cushion. The externally offset lapped seams of the armrests deliberately play with the customary symmetry. A purist, clear design that points to the future with French nonchalance while remaining integrative and archetypal.

COR Noto Aufstecktisch RGB 2COR Noto armchair RGB 2COR Noto Aufstecktisch RGB 3COR Noto Aufstecktisch RGB 4COR Noto Aufstecktisch RGB 5
COR Noto Sessel Aufstecktisch RGB 2COR Noto Sessel Aufstecktisch RGB 1COR Noto armchair Freisteller RGB 1COR Noto Aufstecktisch RGB 1COR Noto armchair RGB 3
Noto armchair
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