Flying Disc

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Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

Flying Disc is an extremely light-weight object for indirect lighting. Attached with thin wires, it seems to hover below the ceiling. Suspended from only three wires, it is meant to be installed with a certain angle, to add dynamics to the space. The thin white disc is lit up by a ring of high quality LEDs, diffusing the light. A long slender black rod holds the LED ring below the disc. Both length of the rod and the angle of the ring are adjustable, so that it is possible to light up the diffuser disc asymmetrically. All three parts, the disc, the rod and the ring visually merge to an intriguing graphical object. Materials: Glasfibre, carbon fiber, metal, plastic.

Light regulation stepless dimmer
Stand/ mounting with rod pendant
Diffuser/reflector shape circular
Diameter 1900 mm
Material metal (unspecified)
plastics (unspecified)
fiber glass
with carbon fibre
Colors black
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Ingo Maurer, Germany

Ingo Maurer & Team

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