A Creation LED Spotlight champagne glass

A Creation LED Spotlight champagne glass
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Plug & Light – Light from a power socket
Plug & Light delivers decorative light directly from the wall or ceiling. The corresponding LED light units dock onto the device via a magnet and the light is immediately flicker-free and dimmable – from bright to dark to warm dim, which is equivalent to a light bulb. Once fitted, each light unit can be swiveled continuously by 360° and can be easily replaced even when in use.

The unit provides bright direct light for illuminating kitchen counters and work surfaces, but turn it by 180° and you have pleasant indirect lighting for serving apéritifs. A hotel reception area can be transformed to an exhibition hall simply by swapping pendant luminaires for spotlights. A worktable quickly becomes a cozy dining table when you change the luminaire insert. And turn the wall-mounted ceiling spotlight to the right position and you have a reading lamp. The low voltage of 12V makes the system safe for children and anti-dismantling protection is also available.

Plug & Light – Light to suit your interior
Plug & Light affords maximum flexibility when planning reliable lighting design. All that needs to be planned during construction is the position of the sockets and switches for the future light sources. It is even possible to choose a suitable design and the desired light units after completion. Moreover, sampling the corresponding Plug & Light luminaires is child’s play – complex installation and dismantling are a thing of the past. Once the device is in place, the various luminaire units can be easily inserted and changed thanks to a practical magnet system.

Plug & Light provides switch design and light design from a single source that can be adapted to every setting. The device fits in all standard European sockets and can be chosen in the desired switch design – JUNG offers frames and covers for Plug & Light in the switch series LS 990 and LS Zero (colors: alpine white, black, lacquered aluminum and lacquered stainless steel) as well as A creation (colors: alpine white, black and aluminum). The four Plug & Light luminaire units, which Insta developed for the light socket, are available in the same shades as the switch series. Five light series by lighting specialist Brumberg mean greater design freedom for the decorative light from the socket, be it in premium residential buildings, for discerning owners, or in the hospitality sector.

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