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Clouds - a new typology
The ground-breaking textile company Kvadrat is now introducing yet another new design that revolutionises the use of textiles. Clouds is not about furniture or curtains. It is an innovation in interior design: a new typology developed by the brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.
Textiles making a comeback
Anders Byriel, CEO of Kvadrat, says that the soft textiles are making a comeback in the public space and in private homes. "For many years there has been a trend of using fewer and fewer textiles. Curtains and carpets have vanished, and even our chairs have wicker seats and backs. Interior design has focused on glass, concrete, stone and wood, all of which are attractive yet hard materials. But this trend is turning now as more and more people discover that the soft materials are not just soft to the touch, but also have an aesthetic beauty and significant impact on sound in our rooms. In fact, we have realised in recent years how important the sound level is to our everyday well-being," says Anders Byriel.
Clouds is an extension of North Tiles, which was developed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Kvadrat's showroom in Stockholm in 2006. The task was to create a showroom that could exhibit Kvadrat's textiles in a way that the textiles were a part of the room. North Tiles is now known for its innovation and special click system - a system that is also found in Clouds, which features a simpler construction and fewer materials for use in the retail market.
"Once in a while I flip through a design or architecture magazine, and I am often scared by all of the cold rooms," says Ronan Bouroullec. "Therefore, when we got the Kvadrat assignment we wanted to create a design solution that is both soft and welcoming. At the same time, we aimed to design a solution that was so simple and well thought out that it didn't require expensive workmen, but could be set up by everyday people without having to be polished, adjusted or given additional treatment," says Ronan Bouroullec.

8 clouds in colour combination
light / dark grey
8 clouds in colour combination
black / white
24 clouds (8+8+8) in all colour combinations except black / white

8 box
8 clouds, 25 special rubber bands,
2 mounting screws

24 box
24 clouds 75 special rubber bands,
6 mounting screws

Hanging system
The ceiling hanging system is sold separately.
2 poles and 2 mounting screws

Fabric colourunicoloured
shades of grey
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Kvadrat, Denmark

Erwan Bouroullec

Ronan Bouroullec

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