Product description

A repetition of uprights and shelves, becoming smaller from left to right and from bottom to top, the volume of this shelving unit appears to reduce as if disappearing towards the ceiling. This effect creates a range of unexpected, interesting storage possibilities. Two shelving units placed back to back created a double-sided unit which is both useful and fairly rare, thus giving rhythm to a space. In this configuration, the back panel is partially reduced, with small separation panels bringing both rhythm and rigidity whilst retaining a degree of transparency.

2 versions :
– Sides in plomb lacquer; shelves in smoked oak
– Sides in satin white lacquer; shelves in gloss white lacquer

Single shelving unit : with full-height 1T back panel, located to the right or left as per customer’s requirement. Back panel is lacquered to match sides. Double-sided shelving unit : the link is at the top of the sides and beneath the shelves. Partial back panels are lacquered to match sides.

Width 1200 mm
Height 2160 mm
Depth 370 mm / 740 mm
Material oak
Colors black

ligne roset, Germany

Marie-Christine Dorner

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