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Thanks to the talent and vision of the brilliant, unconventional entrepreneur Goffredo Reggiani, REGGIANI Illuminazione SpA has been working in the fi eld of lighting for over half a century. Born in Brianza, Italy, near Milan, an area with strong industrial traditions, REGGIANI has grown worldwide thanks to its sound technological base and its concrete approach. The company’s solid professionalism and its position as international benchmark for lighting technology stem from the experience acquired in managing and resolving complex problems, offering superb lighting solutions. In the field of lighting, Reggiani’s reputation has always been founded on technological knowhow rooted in our ability to simplify complex technologies with a wide range of functions, making them easy to use. Our history and our areas of specialization make us the ideal partner for anyone wishing to make their own environments more livable, illuminating them in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

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