Soundwave Stripes

  • Soundwave Stripes
  • Soundwave Stripes
  • Soundwave Stripes
  • Soundwave Stripes
Presented:Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012, Stockholm
Categories: Room acousticsWall panels
Product description

The sound absorbent SOUNDWAVE STRIPES is the first result of a new cooperation between Offecct and designer Richard Hutten. Hutten is one of the most internationally successful Dutch designers, and sums up his design philosophy in a few words: he doesn't solve problems, he creates possibilities. Since Richard Hutten highly appreciates Offecct's selection of acoustic panels he was determined to add something extra to the product series with SOUNDWAVE STRIPES.

Offecct's sound absorbents are by far the best on the market and I really wanted to add something special to the collection, says Richard Hutten. Hutten's design of STRIPES is characterized by flexibility; a flexibility that means that SOUNDWAVE STRIPES can be combined in many different ways. This in turn means that each interior where STRIPES in used can become unique.

The diversity that STRIPES offers thereby becomes a useful tool to create interesting and varied interiors. A new color is also available for STRIPES; a brown shade to create contrast.

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Richard Hutten