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Product description

Offecct´s collaboration with Swedish designer Louise Hederström continues with the TAILOR chair, a new and welcoming chair full of character and functional details. The brief for Louise Hederström was to design a chair that felt well constructed and could be used in environments such as restaurants, offices and other kinds of meeting places where a comfortable and durable chair is a necessity. The TAILOR chair has a beautiful character with an exceptionally comfortable shape and many well-designed details. It can easily be disassembled and dressed in different fabrics.
Different patterns for clothes have inspired me in my work on TAILOR, and this gives the chair a unique character. The way the seat and the backrest are put together are highlighted with buttons, an important aesthetically detail. The buttons are the same shape as the buttons that were on a coat my grandmother used to wear. A small detail which means a lot to me. Every part of this chair is designed for maximum comfort. You could say that the chair is tailored for the body, says Louise Hederström.


Louise Hederström