Design : Achille Castiglioni

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01 profil du produit

description de produit

Lamp providing direct light.
Lamp moves vertically via sliding of a painted or nickel-plated shaped steel tube on a ceiling-to-floor steel cable (400 cm long).
Fixture head made of injection-molded black elastomer (UL-94 HB) housing a switch.
Length of power cord from lamp-holder 400 cm.
Net weight 3 kg.

02 dimensions/poids

dimensions totales  
580 mm

03 données techniques

ampoule recommandées  
classe énergétique
B - E
type de lampe
lampe halogène

04 sécurité/protection

sécurité (DIN 40050)
IP20 protection contre : matières solides > 12 mm

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