B&B Italia and Maxalto, the two brands which have made the firm internationally famous in the home furnishings market, offer a complete range of products for the living area and bedroom. Their creations are the result of a successful collaborations with well known names from the world of international design. A wide range of talents come together to bring unique furnishings to life. Design, research, creativity and technology evolve together and interpret contemporary style in different contexts: domestic furnishings, garden furniture and furnishings for offices and public areas. B&B Italia lives and breathes contemporary culture, reinterpreting it by anticipating trends and changes in taste and domestic needs. For this reason, all B&B Italia products are top quality and high in design, innovation and technological content. Today, B&B Italia can boast a home furnishings collection renowned all over the world, an effective ambassador for Italian design.
Over the years, the firm's energy and creativity have allowed it to create new collections for unexplored market sectors. From partnerships with prestigious designers such as R. Schultz, P. Urquiola and Jm. Massaud, comes B&B Italia Outdoor, a collection of outdoor furnishings, of immediate success thanks to its innovative design and quality; and B&B Italia Project, a collection of chairs, tables and upholstered furnishings for the professional market that takes a new look at furnishings for offices, restaurants, hotels and public areas, and last but not least, B&B Italia Object is a mixed collection of accessories for contemporary spaces, where pure design combines with highly decorative suggestions.


B&B Italia Spa

Strada Provinciale, 32
22060 Novedrate (CO)

T: +39 (0)31 795 111
F: +39 (0)31 791 592


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