Calipso Linear System

Product description

Calipso, introduced in 2017 in the ceiling version, comes to life thanks to a calculation algorithm that starts from a photo of the moon. The result is a fractal shape, a non-pure geometry that displays the irregular beauty of nature.

Lots of small circles with varying diameters are arranged side by side with precision to produce an organic set. This grid gives Calipso its aesthetic and optical character, while defining a comfortable, non-glaring emission with UGR19. Calipso is a highly emotional lighting object that joins together optical and aesthetic intelligence. While its performance is ideal for office use, it moves away from the traditional look of technical appliances designed for work environments. Calipso is a product perfectly half-way between home and professional use, suited for a variety of application fields according to the traditional approach of Artemide to high performance lighting, yet with a unique and emotional expressiveness. Artemide was one of the first lighting companies to bring design into office lighting. Neil Poulton was among the most effective designers at interpreting, with Artemide, this idea as early as about 20 years ago, when he designed the Surf system, still included in the catalogue with renewed performances but the same simple and elegant language.

Artemide starts from the ceiling version to introduce the same geometry for the suspension version, as well as an innovative straight module that comes in different lengths. Available in the suspension and in the ceiling version, it is offered as a stand-alone element or as part of a system that can be expanded in a linear way or produce geometries by means of a joint that integrates continuously into the geometric and luminous pattern of the holes to allow joining each two modules at 90° angles. In this case too the pattern of the grid’s holes characterizes the product from the optical and aesthetic viewpoint. The result is an all-purpose appliance that supports work-place lighting in compliance with rules, while also providing perfect quality of light in places where glaring and luminance parameters are usually not binding or prominent in choosing. Calipso bears evidence of the optical skills of Artemide, as well as of a manufacturing intelligence that translates design complexity into utmost flexibility and simple composition.

Length588 mm / 1162 mm / 1736 mm
Height70 mm
Depth79 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP20 protection against: solids > 12 mm
Safety classclass I (protective earthing)
Light regulationstepless dimmer
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Artemide, Italy

Neil Poulton

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