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On 29 April 2011, Pierre Graff, Chairman and CEO of Aéroports de Paris, unveiled huge redevelopment plans for terminals 2A and 2C at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. The renovation of the buildings was set to cost 106 million euros, 71 million euros of which was earmarked for the building linking the two terminals. Opened less than a year later on 27 March 2012, the new infrastructure with floating ribbons, designed by Aéroports de Paris’ chief architect, François Tamisier, architect Marc Fidelle and designer Marc Angely, stands out with its modern, original and contrasting architecture. The link between these two terminals welcomes transit passengers on airlines such as Emirates, Etihad, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific and XL Airways. After check-in – which is much quicker than before – passengers with plenty of buying power can discover the “Rue du Luxe”, enticed by leading ready-to-wear brands, leather goods and food.

To provide distinctive and remarkable illumination, the Aéroports de Paris approached Artemide to create a special monumental centre light almost 100 m2 in size. Based on Mercury, the product designed by Ross Lovegrove, this gigantic centre light consists of 519 chrome pebbles, 48 of which use LED technology (35W). Five metres high, eight metres wide and 12 metres long, the dimensions of this project are huge. The mirror panel completes this impression of scale, reflecting the pebbles and their light. Like billiard balls of floating mercury, in all they weigh around one and a half tonnes. With this special product Artemide has created one of the jewels in the Rue du Luxe in this brand new link between terminals A and C.

The illumination radiates lightness in an aerial setting, and the journey is only just beginning. Ten million passengers a year are expected to pass through this

connecting building.

Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
Diffuser/reflector shapeorganic
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