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Numerous design options for facades made of glassfibre reinforced concrete
Fitting with current trends and developments, Rieder offers a range of additional processes for the creation of individual building envelopes. In collaboration with planners and architects, new textures were developed. The slate texture is the highlight: The appearance of the texture is based on slate slabs and their natural layers. A unique light refraction occurs at the edges of the rock layers, causing them to stand out to varying degrees depending on the angle the light hits. Since light conditions change over the course of the day, the facade with this texture has a different appearance depending on the time of day. This gives the building a vibrant and natural look. Like an image of nature, the facade blends harmoniously into its surroundings.

Durable and sustainable
It is not only the innovative textures that lend the outer shell of buildings an attractive appearance, the material itself does, too. The panels made of glassfibre reinforced concrete have a thickness of only 13 millimetres, they are light and yet extremely robust. They are also easy to handle during installation and require no maintenance at all. They are proven to be extremely durable and do not have to be stripped or painted for at least 50 years; they are also non-combustible. The facade elements are available in various colours, surfaces and shapes, allowing an exceptional degree of freedom when it comes to building envelope design.

Rieder has many other arguments up its sleeve when it comes to ecology. It goes without saying that Rieder uses non-toxic products (free of crystalline silica) and reduces its use of primary energy in production to a minimum. In an effort to reduce environmental pollution, Rieder is constantly developing new strategies: In line with the zero-waste policy, for example, all waste materials from production are reused in other areas; innovative technologies help the company reduce offcuts. The greatest driving force behind the continuous development efforts is the striving to create more than just sustainable concrete products in order to allow us to make an active contribution to the energy revolution ourselves.


Rieder, Austria

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