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Product description

Due to its formability fibreC can lead smoothly over edges. fibreC 3D formparts are only 13 mm thin and available in various forms such as U, V, or L-section. An intelligent mounting system with integrated fastening anchors allows quick and economical installation. As a pillar trim, atikka, pilasters, window sill or as a creative design element fibreC 3D formparts offer a variety of design possibilities for architects and planners. Despite their length of up to 3.6 meters in a piece they can be fixed with only two fastening points per element. Due to the low weight of the just 13 mm thin elements and the high spans width less material in substructure is needed. Therefore fibreC 3D forms provide an economical solution for the entire building envelope.  

+ shaped elements with only 13 mm thickness

+ concealed fastening with integrated brackets

+ offsite pre-assembly of fastening brackets

+ fast and easy installation onsite 

+ monolithic appearance

+ less sub-construction due to weight and span width

+ only 2 fastening points per element

+ no scaffold needed, same lifting Equipment as for glass elements

Project description                                                                                             

Boston University, Center for Integrated Life Sciences & Engineering, US

- Concealed fastening 

- Pre-assembly of fastening brackets off-site in Maishofen/Austria 

- Less sub-construction due to weight and span width of formparts 

- Onsite fast and unitised installation, easy to hook in 

- concealed fastening with integrated brackets 

- monolithic appearance 

- only 2 fastening points per element 

- no scaffold needed, same lifting equipment as for glass elements 

- formparts length up to 4.25 m in 1 piece 

Architect: Payette 

Product Information: 1500 m²  formparts and concrete skin panels, 1300 U-formparts with 102 mm back and 406 mm legs / 1016 mm back and 95 mm legs, 200 L-formparts 

colour: sandstone, surface; ferro formparts length up tp 4.25 m in 1 piece 

Facade: Ipswich Bay Glass 

Construction Manager: Turner 

Pics: Ditz Fejer

Material concrete
fiber glass
Colors shades of beige

Rieder, Austria

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for formparts, Boston University, US

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