Divina 3

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“Heavenly primary colours”

The Divina upholstery range has become a classic within Kvadrat’s collection and is still very popular. Divina is a full-cloth product, which means that it is manufactured by weaving the yarn in a coarse linen hose casing, after which, it is subjected to mechanical processing using very high temperatures, at the same time as it is being coloured. This creates a situation where the surface becomes smooth, directionless and uniform in a manner very similar to the properties of felt.

When yarns are woven and “filled”, the wool content really comes into its own. The material is transformed from being coarse woven and slightly itchy to being a soft and comfortable textile with an attractive and smooth surface. This ensures that the structure of the material is less pronounced; thus, giving its colours a chance to really shine. It is for this reason that Divina is one of the absolute best products for showing off colours in all their glory, and thereby being the best possible material for handling an extensive range of tones. Divina means heavenly, or divine, and the name has been chosen for this product because of the way colours can be expressed in the material. The result is a set of colours which assert themselves and illuminate the products for which they are used.

Totalgewicht 84 g/m²
Breite 1500 mm
Stofffarbigkeit einfarbig
Stoffbreite bis 160 cm
Stoffrollen­breite ca.
Material Wolle
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Kvadrat, Dänemark

Finn Sködt
2009, 1984


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