shower underlay DallFlex

Year of design: 2017 | Design: Johannes Dallmer
shower underlay DallFlex

The shower underlay with integrated slope is based on the proven DallFlex drain body. It is fitted with a groove for the accommodation of the drain body and is suitable for wheelchairs if tile size > 5 x 5 cm.The shower underlay is made of high pressure-resistant EPS foam, the top side is reinforced with glass-fibre fabric and lined with waterproof fleece.

900x900 mm / 1000x1000 mm / 1200x1200 mm / 900x1200 mm

Installation height
Standard 100 mm / 105 mm Plan 75 mm / 80 mm

Drainage capacity
Standard 0.8l/s Plan 0,5l/s

expanded polystyrene rigid foam (EPS), reinforced on top with glass fibre fabric and laminated with waterproof fleece
Drain housing Polypropylene, high impact resistant

Duschelement Dall Flex 2
Duschelement Dall Flex 3
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