Asienta Seat

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Asienta Seat

01 product description

Product description

Wilkhahn premiers its new superior lounge furniture range For the first time Wilkhahn is showcasing prototypes of its new Asienta range in Cologne.Created by jehs + laub from Stuttgart, the upholstered furniture range offers comfort and design in a class of its own.The chair is captured in a stylish, subtly organically shaped aluminium frame and appears to be perfectly enveloped in sophisticated cushioning and covers.It has a soft appearance, but is firmly upholstered. This cube-shaped seating offers outstanding comfort with a certain cachet. The chairs and sofas are based on precisely shaped cubes whose side and back panels are softly enveloped by covers that appear seamless. The stylish supporting structure consists of four slender, die-cast aluminium legs with gently curved profiles. Fluidly designed, they also form the corner knuckles for the horizontal aluminium frame. From the front to the armrest, the contours of the support structure are clearly obvious. The upholstered cubes are particularly sophisticated. At the front and back, the top edges on the armrests make getting up or sitting down easier and they are pleasantly elastic in between. The upholstery seamlessly envelops the cube-like shape on the outside. On the inside, its plump but streamlined look is eye-catching. It is also invitingly comfortable, suggesting a number of different positions to sit and lie in, depending on whether it is a sofa or chair. The shape is soft, but firm enough for the cushions to lend support that is ergonomically beneficial and allows them to keep their clearly defined precise shape. The Asienta range fuses precision with visual softness, traditionally cuboid lines with organic curves and exclusive quality with attractively healthy seated comfort. The characteristic design integrates with different types of room and interior-design concepts. Asienta is ideal for executive offices, in high-class lobbies, in exclusive clubs or homes. A variety of models and designs The extremely tough, four-legged structure makes large spans possible. Therefore, in addition to stand-alone chairs in compact and normal widths, the range also includes two- and three-seater sofas and upholstered benches. For the covers, high-quality textiles and exclusive leather are available. The low tables match the upholstered furniture. There is a choice of veneered plywood or glass tops with an opaque black or white varnish applied to the bottom. Bright chromium-plated, chromium-plated with a polished-matt finish, or coated frames can be selected.

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overall dimension  
700 mm, 775 mm

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