La Linea


BIG’s idea is once again transposed into a product that looks basic, but is rich of technological innovation instead, thanks to the know-how of Artemide. La Linea is a flexible tube of light, capable to freely twist and turn in space according to undefined geometries. It easily fits into indoor and outdoor spaces, with fixing elements concealed inside its section, and enables countless applications in a broad variety of locations by leveraging on an unprecedented combination of factors, including quality of light, IP protection grade, flexibility, modularity.

An individual element is 2,5 or 5 metres long, but can be extended by means of joints concealed inside its profile, without visible shadows or signs. Through its mechanical and structural characteristics, it can easily adjust to extreme climatic conditions and resist to weather agents and high minimum and maximum temperatures (from -20°C to +40°C). La Linea generates an even and comfortable high-efficiency diffused light through its patented optical unit. Its utmost formal simplicity reveals complex optical research, combined with savoir-faire with respect to materials and manufacturing in designing a high-performance lighting solution.

Its patented section brings together several types of intelligence connected with optical, as well as material, mechanical, manufacturing principles and sustainable values, which take care of each individual aspect of the product’s life stages.

It can be folded to minimize the packaging bulk, ensures very high efficiency and easy maintenance, and is bound to last a very long time for its multi-purpose and flexible character. With its minimal footprint in space, it can disappear by adhering to the architecture or become highly expressive by folding three-dimensionally in space and designing soft or linear graphic elements that set the pace of the surrounding environment.

La Linea turns light into an ideal fixture for outdoor spaces, architectures, parks, or public and urban areas  to requalify common spaces, create social and engaging landscapes, and promote relations between people and their surroundings.

La Linea is a basic principle that generates an open system and a comprehensive relation with space and with man. It encourages direct interaction, and its emission can be controlled by means of the Artemide app, the innovative and user-friendly light management system developed by Artemide for all its LED products.

Länge5000 mm

Artemide, Italien

BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group


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