CLEAN II supreme

Product description

High hygiene requirements, different light colours for specific tasks, space-saving; CLEAN II supreme meets these requirements. This cleanroom luminaire has been developed in accordance with strict hygiene principles, meets all legal requirements, and is highly efficient. The result is effective lighting for all visual tasks in the cleanroom. Form follows function.

The ability of the luminaire to change between green, blue, and white light, as well as the double-asymmetric distribution actively respond to lighting requirements in medical establishments. The integration of tunableWhite technology can provide excellent support for the human circadian rhythm.

The reduced luminaire height of the CLEAN II supreme is the answer to new structural demands. An increasing amount of technology has to be accommodated in ceilings, leaving significantly less space for luminaires. Our unique Light Engine allows us to reduce the height of the luminaire without compromising on functionality. This offers much greater planning freedom for lighting solutions, whilst maintaining maximum quality.

CLEAN II supremeA special feature of the CLEAN II supreme is the multi-layer micro-pyramidal optic MPO+. The light is refracted and guided in a controlled manner, with pleasant distribution even at steep emission angles. This allows for flexible positioning of the luminaire and offers precise light from any angle.

M600Q 598 x 598 x 75 mm
M625Q 623 x 623 x 75 mm

M600Q 598 x 598 x 75 mm
M625Q 623 x 623 x 75 mm

Q610 609 x 609 x 57 mm

M600L 1198 x 298 x 75 mm
M625L 1248 x 311 x 75 mm

M600L 1198 x 298 x 75 mm
M625L 1248 x 311 x 75 mm

L1250: 1249 x 349 x 57 mm
L1550: 1549 x 349 x 57 mm

Light regulationstepless dimmer
Diffuser/reflector shaperectangular
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP65 dust-proof/protection against: water jets
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Zumtobel, Austria

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