LIGHT FIELS evolution TunableWhite

LIGHT FIELS evolution TunableWhite
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Product description

The LIGHT FIELDS evolution Tunable White LED luminaire range complies with the clear and uniform stylistic idiom of the iF design award-winning product range, steering it towards a user-friendly future thanks to profound application know-how and technological innovations. LIGHT FIELDS evolution featuring Tunable White technology is Zumtobel's answer to the users' need, as shown in the course of a Fraunhofer study, for adaptive light that can be customised. Tunable White stands for intelligent adjustment of the colour temperature to changing room situations and room utilisation. The whole luminaire range can be continuously dimmed by the user between warm (3000 K) and cool (6000 K) colour temperatures, allowing for implementation of a perfect lighting situation at the workstation. This is made possible by integrating Tridonic Tunable White LED modules together with a matching converter. Tunable White also allows for adjustment to changes due to the time of day and the season: depending on requirements, the luminaire can be adjusted to match the currently prevailing conditions. At the same time, LIGHT FIELDS evolution Tunable White offers perfect lighting quality without glare, just like the rest of the LED luminaire range.

This is made possible by the patented micro-pyramidal optic (MPO+) that prevents annoying reflections on displays. Even at high luminous flux levels, luminance is consistently reduced, providing pleasantly distributed light. In addition, innovative technologies have been incorporated in the various luminaire models. For the recessed, surface-mounted and wall-mounted luminaires, Zumtobel has developed the 3Dprotect® reflector. Its 3D structure protects the LED modules during installation, preventing damage from electrostatic discharge. At the same time, the structure's high reflection factor ensures an increase in the luminaire efficiency level. In the free-standing and pendant luminaires, the dot matrix based on the litePrint® light guide technology ensures uniform light distribution. At the same time, a precisely defined light component is directed upwards in selected areas, via openings in the luminaire housing.

Diffuser/reflector shaperectangular
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP20 protection against: solids > 12 mm
Safety classclass I (protective earthing)
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Zumtobel, Austria

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