MELLOW LIGHT evolution / infinity

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Product description

MELLOW LIGHT is also characterised by an exciting new design. Daniel Stromborg, Practice Area Leader at Gensler, has succeeded in developing the style of the luminaire while still retaining a clear link to 25 years of lighting history. Immediately recognisable yet slimmer and more elegant, the form supports the state-of-the-art lighting technology that helps this design icon adapt perfectly to the constantly changing requirements of the contemporary office.

Both the look and the vision of MELLOW LIGHT are unmistakable, with these two aspects combining to deliver high quality light that is as close as possible to natural daylight. To achieve this difficult feat, MELLOW LIGHT has been extensively developed and is now available in two versions: MELLOW LIGHT evolution and MELLOW LIGHT infinity. Both variants ensure the balanced illumination of work surfaces, walls and ceilings to create an open, bright room atmosphere in which glare and disturbing shadows become a thing of the past.

Both versions are also available with the tunableWhite technology by Zumtobel, allowing the light intensity and colour temperature to be independently and seamlessly adjusted between 3000 and 6000 K. MELLOW LIGHT evolution and MELLOW LIGHT infinity can therefore be used for the implementation of the "Active Light" concept developed by Zumtobel, which imitates the dynamics of daylight that are so important for humans. In the spirit of Human Centric Lighting, tunableWhite supports the natural biorhythm and offers maximum visual comfort for different tasks by providing the right light at the right time, with the appropriate intensity and colour. On an emotional level, this also has a positive influence on communication and the creativity of employees.

MELLOW LIGHT infinity goes one step further, as the outer wings and the central segment can now be controlled independently of each other. In line with the results of a Zumtobel user study into perceived light quality in the office, which revealed that many people find the standard 500 lux insufficient, MELLOW LIGHT infinity enables the individual and flexible adaptation of the light to reflect different needs, preferences and situations. The two light wings create a pleasant basic brightness of 300-400 lux, which gives the room a welcoming atmosphere, while work surfaces can be perfectly illuminated with an additional 400 lux from the central segment.

Combining MELLOW LIGHT infinity with the LITECOM lighting management system and the innovative ATIVO contrast sensor means that the light atmosphere can be automatically adjusted to reflect not only the amount of available daylight, but also the number of people present and their location in the room. ATIVO recognises the way a space is being used and automatically selects the appropriate lighting mood, paving the way for Activity Based Lighting.

Zumtobel, Austria

Studio Gensler