Product description

PASO II knows how to hit all the right buttons when it comes to setting dramatic contemporary lighting scenes whilst remaining unobtrusive itself. Apart from conventional light sources, the PASO II luminaire range also offers a great variety of LED models. When used as a recessed floor luminaire, the PASO II LED luminaire produces monochrome or colour-chan ging RGB columns of light. The mature technology built into the PASO II recessed floor luminaire with IP67 protection also makes it perfect for installation on the ceiling (IP65). It ensures longevity and functional safety, particularly in locations where air humidity is high or there is significant exposure to dust or insects. PASO II LED luminaires are ideal for use in hospitals or wellness facilities because of their low maximum surface temperature, which does not exceed 40 °C. PASO II LED offers design variety with round and square models as well as a flush-mounted or overlapping special steel frame. With its round and square versions as well as flush-mounted and overlapping stainless steel frames in three sizes, 120/190/260 mm, PASO II provides for design variety. It is particularly suitable for lighting sculptures, façades, public areas, as well as hotels or historical buildings. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing and the patented sealing system, in combination with the Camlock fastener, guarantee a premium-quality look. The extra low-profile PASO II, which is available in sizes 190 and 260, is only 100 mm high, including its casting surround.

Diffuser/reflector shapesquare

Zumtobel, Austria