SLOTLIGHT infinity

Product description

The extended version of SLOTLIGHT infinity is provided with an opal optic supplied with a continuous diffuser that can be up to 20 metres long. Thus, SLOTLIGHT infinity makes it possible to create a consistent continuous-row system without any shadows or overlapping, providing architects and lighting designers with virtually unlimited flexibility. Smaller lighting modules with LED lighting points that can have any spacing pitch and luminaire lengths in multiples of 250 mm increase the scope for high-precision design and allow custom-fit configuration of the light line. Zumtobel has also simplified installation of the new generation's recessed version. A uniform appearance is ensured by prefabricated frames and spacers. The separation of luminaire body and frame allows the installers or drywall builders to perfectly integrate the continuous-row system in suspended ceilings. Thus, SLOTLIGHT infinity is an element of structural design that presents itself to the beholder as a consistent light line.

Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP54 protection against: dust/splashing water
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Zumtobel, Austria