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Established & Sons is a uniquely positioned British design company focused on producing and representing all that is innovative in contemporary design. Working with some of the world's leading designers, architects and artists, since its launch in April 2

005, Established & Sons has become highly revered and respected internationally.

"We have not wavered from our original mission, which was to create a world leading design company that would provide a successful commercial platform for British and

British based designers, this is still at the very roots of our business, only now, having become a leading brand in the industry we are attracting and working with the best designers from overseas," says Alasdhair Willis, Co-Founder & CEO Established &


Some of the pieces in the collections push material technology as well as the laws of physics, others contain elegance and humour whilst all have a very clearly defined and recognisable character. Design integrity is clearly evident and very

much in keeping with the Established & Sons' philosophy and design dynamic. A unique method of collaboration and commissioning has come to characterise Established & Sons' work: the company's mission is to harness the energy and originality of emerging d

esign talents as well as to produce work by established contemporary designers. The collection is divided into three categories: The Principle, The Signature and The Limited Edition.

The Established & Sons Principal Collection consists of the high

volume, production designs which are suitable for both commercial projects and residential use. Launched in 2005, this collection grows year on year providing a platform with equal contributions to champion new design talent alongside some of the world's

foremost designers and architects.

Launched in 2007 the Signature Collection is produced in very low numbers and are made to order. Some of these high-end designs are available only as a limited production run. These pieces combine beauty of desig

n with advanced technologies whilst maintaining their integrity to craftsmanship and high production values. The Signature Collection employs a multitude of skilled techniques and specialist materials, from precision engineering to ancient crafts, these s

ophisticated designs are refined and elegant in form creating detailed, extraordinary pieces. By working with some of the world's most acclaimed designers and architects, Established & Sons has accomplished iconic works that are highly desirable feature d


The Limited Edition Collection allows us to work outside the normal parameters of conventional furniture production, affording us the opportunity to push design and manufacturing techniques in new and very rewarding directions. This part of

our collection has become hugely successful both commercially and critically, Established & Sons are without question an industry leader in this field.
The ‘Collaborations' programme, which puts two or more individuals from all creative disciplines to

gether in the production of experimental and original designs, is utilised across all three collections. To date collaborations have been seen with product designer Sebastian Wrong and artist Richard Woods, and product designer Terence Woodgate and Formul

a 1 designer and engineer John Barnard.

Established & Sons' diverse product portfolio is one of the brand's greatest strengths covering a broad price range from affordable to exclusive. The company's swift and successful growth has been recognised

worldwide, with a tireless programme of events, exhibitions and major design shows during the Milan Salone del Mobile Internazionale plus launches across the globe from Australia and the Far East to North America and Europe.

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