Product description

“…‘Until, from the midst of this darkness, a sudden light broke in upon me - a light so brilliant and wondrous, and yet so simple! Change the poles from plus to minus and from minus to plus…' [from Young Frankenstein] ..Clara the light.”
Piero Lissoni

Clara is a surface mounted luminarie, conceived to provide comfortable though strong diffuse lighting also in large environments, for both wall and ceiling installation. Its design is pure and essential in its perfect round proportions and opal withe finish of the eternal polycarbonate diffuser, that, combined with a special LED distribution, allows an homogeneous, glare free, comfortable illumination. Clara’s style can be completed and defined by the touch of the optional external ring, lucid black, copper or chrome, to perfectly match the taste of the environment.

Surface installation LED luminaire, suitable for both ceiling and wall installation for diffuse general lighting. The front monoblock high efficiency diffuser is obtained through injection molding of opal polycarbonate. The back body of the luminaire, including the wall fixture system also is obtained in polycarbonate. The comfortable LED light obtained by the lamp integrated modules is dimmable, and it is suitable for direct power connection. (100 - 240 VAC). Available as optional accessory an external polycarbonate ring, finished in lucid black, chrome or copper.

Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Diffuser/reflector shapecircular
Materialmirror glass
copper / bronze

Flos, Italy

Piero Lissoni