Product description

Outdoor luminaire with a simple but eye-catching design for installation on surface. The fixture consists of a die- cast aluminium structure (EN AB 47100 alloy - low copper content), AISI 316L stainless steel fixing bracket and textured diffusing glass for a well-defined and efficient light emission. CLIMBER is available in three sizes, double emission and five finish colours for a complete versatility and lighting creativity. The power and the high quality performance of the LED light source makes Climber a perfect solution to light building facades in both up and down directions. At the bottom part of the luminaire a thin edge protects from the eyes dazzle, on the upper side instead the border allows the rain to drain.

All Flos outdoor products are painted with a double coat using powders in compliance with QUALICOAT standards. A first layer of epoxy powder for chemical and mechanical resistance and a second finishing layer of polyester powder for resistance to UV rays and atmospheric agents.

Emission classA
Materialpolycarbonate (PC)
Colorsshades of grey

Flos, Italy

Piero Lissoni