Infra-Structure Episode 2

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The reinterpretation of an icon: the unique design of Infra-Structure evolves thanks to a new, extremely simplified modular concept. The subtle but visually stunning elements can be combined to characterize any architectural space with a strong stage presence. Subtle, incredibly versatile tubular structure. Thanks to a special connection system, it is possible to combine vertical and horizontal elements to create three-dimensional combinations in infinite variations using linear and geometric modules. The mechanical connection between the individual modules that make up the structure is made through a screw system that guarantees a fast and safe installation. Each module is locked in place by integrating two small, almost invisible grub screws once the installation is complete. The electrical connections of the lighting modules are extremely simple to make. Each lighting element is completed by a long 4 m electrical cable equipped with an output micro connector. The cable runs through all the different sections of the vertical structure and is then connected to the grid in the ceiling. All structural components are made of extruded aluminium tubular profiles painted black or white with 48V feeding.

The system can be controlled as a group (DALI, 1-10V, FLOS Control®) through remote power supply units with broadcast control or individual control by means of one single driver for each lighting module. The family is made of lighting modules for general lighting featuring different optics and linear lighting modules providing diffused direct or indirect emission.

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FLOS, Italy

Vincent van Duysen

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