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Product description

Jasper Morrison's latest lamp for Flos is an exercise in simplicity; a wall lamp at the service of architecture and space. The embodiment of Super Normal (a recurring theme in Morrison's work since early on in his career), Oplight looks like a musical note on a pentagram, or, as the designer describes it, 'the most obvious, definitive shape a wall light could be.' As Oplight makes its debut, we take this opportunity to ask the designer a few questions about light, designing objects of all scales and how he conceives his supernormal objects.

Oplight shows that technologically advanced products can be made with respect for the environment. Although the thicknesses are minimal, no glue was used to assemble the different parts. They can therefore be separated, replaced individually, and recycled separately depending on the material. First, the shell is made of die-cast aluminium, a lightweight, long-lasting material that is easy to recycle.

The colour consists of powder coating, which does not require solvents in the painting process, because even the production methods are considered in the overall environmental impact. The LED source within Oplight is highly efficient, that is, it emits a large amount of light compared to the power consumed, with a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours. Should a malfunction occur, or later when more efficient light sources are available, the card can be replaced without having to discard the rest of the lamp, with significant savings in terms of resources. This is possible because the LED card is not glued to the heat sink as usual, and its replacement does not require sophisticated equipment. Rather, it can be done by a regular electrician without bringing the lamp to the shop for upgrading.

The diffusor, that is, the transparent cover that also acts as a lens, is made of injection-moulded polycarbonate. Due to its flexibility, it snaps on, so it can be removed to access the LED source and installed again without compromising the elasticity. If it should break, it can obviously be recycled and replaced. For all these reasons, Oplight is a future-proof lamp destined to last a long time, and at the end, nothing is wasted.


FLOS, Italy

Jasper Morrison

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