The Tracking Magnet

Presented:Light + Building 2018, Frankfurt
Categories: Interior lightingLighting systemsGeneral lighting
Product description

Renewed indoor lighting system for surface, suspended and recessed in plasterboard wall/ceiling installation.
In the new proposal, beside the successful "On Board Dimmer" version, FLOS goes one step beyond, launching both track and luminaries designed for system management in a variety of options: DALI, 1-10V and Casambi.
There are three profile versions (recessed, surface/suspension and Up&Down), all manufactured with aluminium profiling of a maximum of 3m extruded in white, black or polished aluminium, provided with electric tracks powered at 48V. Furthermore, the system controlled versions (DALI, 1-10V) are equipped with graphite data bus for regulation. Luminaires are installed through a magnetic fixing system. The Tracking Magnet product group is complemented with ambient and accent lighting modules, with different optics. The light fixtures are available with potentiometer incorporated, dimmable DALI, 1-10V or Casambi for remote setting.

- For installation of "On Board Dimmer" fixtures use "On Board Dimmer" track version. Luminaries DALI and 1-10V are only compatible with track DALI, 1-10V.
Casambi luminaires can be installed on all profiles available in the system.
- To manage using DALI protocol, it is necessary to connect the control data bus directly to the profile.
- For the 1-10V management, the control system needs to be active (SOURCE, the controller generates the power signal) and the control data bus needs to be directly connected to the profile.
If the controller is passive (SINK), the Control Dimming box unit will be necessary. It is located between the control unit and the track, and it must be ordered separately from the accessories department. In the 1-10V management system, all luminaries are dimmed at the same time (as a block or broadcast).
- For Casambi management (Max. 200 luminaires) it is mandatory to use fixtures in the Casambi version, these are compatible with all profiles available in the system.
For managing and controlling the Casambi system, the FLOS Control® app powered by Casambi for mobile devices is necessary (available in the Apple Store and Google Play).
Maximum number of track interconnections to guarantee the communication of the DALI or 1-10V signal: 20 interconnections including cuts, or 20 meters. Maximum number of track cuts to guarantee the communication of the DALI or 1-10V signal: 3 cuts. The UP&DOWN version has a compatible DALI interface for controlling indirect lighting.
Please note that since it is a DALI compatible component, it may not respond to advanced DALI protocol functions. For more information, see the technical specifications section on the Flos website.
The UP&DOWN version can be controlled independently via DALI.


FLOS, Italy

FLOS Architectural

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